General Terms and Condition for Booking.

Ultimate Himalaya Trek is a government certified Trekking company of Nepal and it is affiliated with Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Mountaineering association and Trekking agent association of Nepal. These are our general terms and condition for booking and reservation so Please read the lines below carefully. The terms and conditions stated below binds with the use and application of this website including all services and facilities provided by Ultimate Himalaya Trek.

Declaration of Repeated Terms.

·        Ultimate Himalaya Trek Pvt, Ltd hereinafter referred as the Company.

·        The clients is referred to the person, group, organization,or any participants of the services provided by Ultimate Himalaya Trek.

·        Trip refers to any Scheduled Travel, Tour, Trekking, and other tourism packages presented and /or Managed by the company.

Booking Terms:

·        Booking of a Trip with the company is valid and liable if and only the clients gets confirmation letter/ Email of the respective trip.

·         Booking confirmation Email/ Letter is legally applicable and the same will initiate contract the company and clients.

·        Before the confirmation of any packages booking the company itself bears the right of changing the cost and services associated with any package.

Payment Method:

·        Payment for any trip with the company is applicable right after the booking confirmation, initiated by a non refundable 25% cost of the total packages cost.

·        Clients are supposed to incorporate with the available payment option set by the company.

·        No methods of payment other then directed and approved by the company will be applicable for payments.

·        The company will give the banking transaction details after the communication between the clients and company.

Note: The Company will not be liable for any interruption/ delay or error caused by different agents of payment methods any amount lost or deduced during transfers will be collected from clients upon arrival.

Cancellation of the Trip:

In any case of cancellation of the trip previously booked with the company is discussed by classifying it into the following situation.

Cancellation by the clients:

·        Any trip cancelled by the clients with appropriate written will be considered and dealt in accordance with the time frame of cancellation requested date and the date of supposed to trip start.

·        The following payment schemes are supposed to be followed in the case of cancellation of booking by the clients.

§  Cancellation 6 weeks before departure 0% ( Deposit non refundable)

§  Cancellation 5/6 weeks before departure 50%.

§  Cancellation 3 weeks before the Departure 70%.

§  Cancellation 2/1 Weeks before the Departure 100%

Cancellation by the Company:

Due to the rare case of the weather condition, Natural disaster, and national security issue the company bears the right to cancel any previously booked trip. As a responsible and concerned organizer we take no chances against  clients security in such case.

The company will provide following option for clients in the case mentioned:

·        The clients can Option for an alternative trip option equivalent to the previously booked trip or the clients may take a transferable travel option voucher provided by the company that can be used to buy any trip offers by the company.


·        If the clients is not able to take any of the above plans, the booking charges will be fully refunded by the company.