Trekking Equipments


·        windproof gloves

·        UV protection sun cream


·        Light balaclava or warm fleece hat, UV protection sunglasses, Portable head torch and spare batteries. ChapStick for dry lips.


·        Lightweight long sleeve trekking shirts

·        Long sleeve cotton T-shirt

·        Windproof jacket/windbreaker

·        Lightweight rain jacket

·        Fleece jacket or pullover

·        Down vest and/or jacket

Lower Body

·        Long leg lightweight zip-off trekking pants.

·        Thermal bottoms

·        Hiking shorts

·        Fleece or wool pants

·        Waterproof shell pants


·        Lightweight hiking boots

·        Lightweight rubber shoes/sandals

·        Hiking socks

Other Required Accessories

·        Quick-dry towel Thin rope for drying clothes

·        Couple of Karabiners

·        Washing powder

·        Water purification tablets or drops

·        Soap, facecloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail cutter, tree oil, and a small waterproof bag to carry them in.

·        Water bottles

·        First Aid Kit containing antiseptic cream bites/burn cream, plasters, small bandage, and paracetamol.

·        Wallet and small change

·        Some ordinary bags to keep dirty laundry or other

·        Tissue paper, small handy pack will do for emergency toilet breaks

·        Route map

·        Watch

·        Day bag Pack to carry your luggage’s during the trek

·        Trekking Poles

·        Sleeping bag rated to below zero degrees