Trek with Tiji festival

Lo-Manthang is the places where the sacred festival of Tiji and sacred monk dance are performing every year with the believes of victory over evil spirit in Upper Mustang. Generally, The festival is last for 3 days long at the court-yard of famous royal places of Mustang and the dance will perform by the monk of Chhode Monastery. The main dancer of the monk has to completed 3 month retreat practice before the main event. The royal family and all the villagers from the surrounding seven provinces of upper mustang participate in this sacred dance festival with ritual and mutual. The original name of this ritual dance is called Tenpa Chirim which means benefit of Buddha’s teachings and all the sentient beings. Perform of dance should have received and empowerment of Vajrakalika. Most of the the important elements of wrathful Sadhana are performed in this sacred festival.


Vajrakalika (Dorje Phurba) or Vajrakumar( Dorje Shonnu) is a name of tutelary deity Yidam in Vajrayana Buddhism. This practice was popular in India for long time and Buddhist Master Padmashambhava, Vimalamitra and Shilamnju introduce this practice into Tibet during 8th century AD. There were many linage of Vajrakalika practice in Tibet. Among them Khon tradition is one of the major practice in Shakyapa tradition in Tibetans Buddhism.the History of Tiji festival of Mustang begin from 17th century with Mustangi King, he reside as Lo-Manthang Chhode Monastery and performed special Vajrakalika ritual for the well being of all the sentaint being and dispelling negative elements in Mustang.he start special religious dance related with meditation of Vajrakalika, since then monks of Chhode Monastery are performing religious dance every year with ritual in the month of May in upper Mustang Lo-Manthang. Ultimate Himalaya Trek offers this festival experiences trek for our valuable guest with utmost care and providing excellent services.