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Nepal is a landlocked country in the south East Asia with federal democratic republic. It is located mainly in the Himalaya but also includes parts of the indo Genetic Plain. It borders with People’s Republic of China to the north and India to the south, east and west. Nepal has divers of geography, including fertile plains, Sub alpine forested hills and eights of the world ten tallest mountain including Mt Everest, the highest point on the earth. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and it is Multi ethnic, Multi Religious and Multi Culture country, Nepali language is the official language of Nepal.


The Name Nepal is first recorded in the texts from the Vedic period of the Indian subcontinent , the Era in ancient India when Hinduism was founded, the prominent religion of the country. In the middle of the first millenniums Gautama Buddha, the founder of the Buddhism was born in Lumbini in southern Nepal. It is roughly Trapezoidal shape, about 800 kilometers long and 200 kilometres wide and it covers an area of 147,181 sq kilometres. It is divided into three principle physio graphic belts as a Himal, Pahad and Terai. Himal is a mountain region containing snow and situated in the great Himalaya range and it make the northern region. It contains height elevation in the world. Pahad is also a young mountain region that normally doesn’t contain the snow in altitude with progression form subtropical climates. The southern lowland plains or Terai that bordering India are part of the Nepal most fertile land and residency of numbers of Flora and fauna containing subtropical to tropical climate. Due to the geographical feature Nepal Experiences five season:  Summer, Monsoon, autumn, winter and spring.  


Historical kingdoms that existed in the Kathmandu valley are found to have made use of some clever technologies in the numerous areas such as architecture, civil engineering water management. Folklore is an integral part of Nepalese society. Traditional stories are rooted in the reality of day to day life, tales of love, affection and battles as well as demons and ghost and thus reflect local lifestyle, culture, and beliefs. Many Nepali folktales are enacted through the Medium of dance and music. Nepal has more then 850 recorded species of birds, Amazingly, half of these birds can be seen in and around the Kathmandu valley alone. The hills around the valley especially Nagarjun, Godawari,and Fulchoki are popular birding areas. 185 species of mammals are found in various parts of the Nepal. In Nepalese dense tarai Jungles are home to exotic animals like the Asiatic elephant, the one horned rhinoceros, the Royal Bangle Tiger among other also found here. The leopards. Monkeys. Languor, Hyena, Jackal, wild boar, wild cat, are also found in different parts of Nepal. Endangered vultures are being protected from contaminated food by establishing “Vulture Restaurant” which feeds them safe carcasses. The Koshi Tappu region is home to a large species of resident and migratory birds. It has about 26 varieties of ducks alone. About 485 species have been sighted here, including black ibis, honey kites, ospreys, black headed orioles, peregrine falcon, partridges, ruddy shelduck, storks, vultures and eagles among others, In the higher Himalayan region are found different species of the raptors and birds of prey.


Himalaya, (Hima  means the snow and alaya means remain or Chain) of the Himalaya is a set of mountains chains  stretching on more than 2400 km long and 250 km  to 400 km wide which separate the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan tray in the south of Asia. This group of mountains is bounded on the west by the valley of Indus river and in the East by the Valley of the Brahmaputra River. Himalaya has the highest mountain in the world, 14 summits which peaks are more than 8000 meters, of which Mt Everest ,the highest of all. 


So, Nepal is not only good for trekking in Himalaya and mountaineering activities, it is a place for culture and religious tours as well as bird watching and traditional farming experiences. Please go through our stander trekking packages and pick the best destination for your holiday with us. 

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